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 Sharing my personlal Disabilty story to educate others!

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PostSubject: Sharing my personlal Disabilty story to educate others!   Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:36 pm

Hello everyone!
Happy St. Patty's Day! Very Happy

I wanted to take a moment to share my own story, in hope, that it will help others like myself, who are receiving disability benefits (SSDI or SSI) and want to make extra income or return to work.

I know many people on SSDI/SSI think if they return to work, they will get all their benefits taken away immediately.... WRONG! Myth!!

I have been on disability (SSDI) through Social Security going on 6 years. I was always a high achiever in life; Always worked hard no matter what task I was doing and having to go on disability for anxiety/OCD/depression at age 27, was so hard to take in.

After years passed and and the cost to live is becoming increasingly high, I took to the internet to find if I can work while receiving benefits.

I joined forums all over just trying to connect with people who were like me and wanting to work. Please know there are so many misconceptions out there that are completely wrong and not allowing people to take full advantage of the federally funded program in place called Ticket to Work;

I have been working from home off and on for 4 years now .... Yes I still have my benefits check coming in each month on schedule!!

Ticket to Work is a program that allows SSDI or SSI beneficiaries to seek out employment whether part time or full time and 'try' to work and see how it goes. There are specific figures in place so you know how much you can earn as you go! There are safety nets in place! The program is free! Once you are working for a certain amount of time under Ticket to Work, you will no longer receive regular medical reviews.

The company I work for now, Employment Options, Inc. worked with me under the Ticket to Work Program to find gainful employment last year through a work from home position for a pharmaceutical company. I simply called the 800# one day (800-441- 3114) and told them I wanted to return to work but was scared to. They helped me understand right away the rules in place and how the program works.

A year later, I am working part time from home, earning extra monthly income for my family and contributing to society again. What a great feeling

If you qualify, we have tons of open positions just waiting to be filled from home or in the community in your area!! This program is in place for you! So use it to your benefit!! Even if we can't help you personally, we will make sure you know where to go next!!

If anyone ever wants to talk to me directly, please call! 800-441-3114 ext 763. I am here to listen/help!
I do understand all the fear, frustration, and confusion!

800-441-3114 EXT 754 (Sheika)
facebook page: myemploymentoptions (daily jobs posted; events and helpful info)

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Sharing my personlal Disabilty story to educate others!
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