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 Supplementing disability income - Jobs waiting to be filled

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PostSubject: Supplementing disability income - Jobs waiting to be filled    Wed Mar 30, 2011 8:51 pm

Hi All! Are any of you like me who are receiving disability cash benefits through Social security (SSDI or SSI) and realizing how expensive life has become and how much gas, food, insurance keep going up. Because of these ecomonic woes I had to think about returning to work. I have been on SSDI for anxiety since 2006. I currently work part time from home while still receiving benefits as a part of the federally funded free program - Ticket to Work.

Now I am earning extra income for my family. Have boosted my once low self esteem and confidence and still have kept my benefits and insurance. With my personal experience, I Do know how terrifying it can be to even consider going back to work. There are many misconeptions all over the web about working while on SSI or SSDI.. let me help you understand this great program and how you can work and not get your benefits taken away.

I am in the program right now! Earning income each month in addition to my regular cash benefits which haven't stopped and still have my Mediare. Everyone deserves to reep the benefits of this great program Smile

I am here to help you in anyway i can. Even if our program doesn't help you, I have a list of great agencies and websites that have job listings for the disabled and can assist in employment goals.

contact me anytime :

Lori Adler
800-441-3114 ext 763.
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Supplementing disability income - Jobs waiting to be filled
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