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 Jobs for the Disabled -looking for qualified hard working candidates

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PostSubject: Jobs for the Disabled -looking for qualified hard working candidates   Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:06 pm

Hello everyone,
Been awhile since I posted here. I hope you all had a wonderful summer.

I know the job market seems gloomy on the news these days. However, I am coming here today to tell you that I am aware of hundreds of job openings for the disabled, especially in the work from home market.

I am on SSDI benefits and have been for several years now. With the rising cost of living and food and gas expenses, I had to look into earning some extra income and returning to work. My benefits check just d doesn’t cut anymore.

I learned online about a program for the disabled who are receiving SSDI or SSI non retirement benefits from Social security. Any person approved for these benefits are automatically eligible for the free job placement and employment services the program offers.

Long story short, the program linked me with Employment Options, a certified employment network. they placed me in a great work from home position last year and I was just elated to be making extra income on top of my benefits, I kept my Medicare and was using my skills again.

I am now working part time for Employment Options trying to give back to others and share this information as I was helped. Ticket to work is one of the best government program out there.

I wanted to stop by and let all of you know that we are currently partnered with over 20 Work at home companies who are hiring in customer service and tech support jobs in the hundreds. (one company is hiring 3000 agents nationwide). They love our client base because we pre-screen them and our clients are hardworking, loyal and dedicated.

If you or someone you know is receiving Social security and is between the ages of 18-63, please let them know about these jobs and Ticket to Work. If anyone would like to talk more about jobs available, ticket to work, my story/journey or anything, please contact me! MY goal now is to give back and pay it forward the way I was helped.

SSDI/SSI clients can review our WAH jobs, apply with us on our website and get valuable information. (We also place people nationwide in community based positions outside the home).

WAH jobs link: (these are some of the jobs but not all)
Application link for SSDI/SSI applicants:
Information about Ticket to Work:

If you are not currently receiving SSDI or SSI benefits, the program that we work in wouldn’t be able to assist you.
But don’t lose hope just yet! You can email our help center at for a list of job resources to help you in your search!

Our staff are dedicated in helping the disabled overcome employment barriers, earn income, increase self-esteem and be empowered!

Ticket to work changed my life and I want to spread this info to the world!
I wish you all the very best and never give up!

If you would like to talk to me privately, please know I am always here:
Lori Adler
Employment Options, Inc.
800-441-3114 ex 763
Join us on Facebook: myemploymentoptions
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Jobs for the Disabled -looking for qualified hard working candidates
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