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 Answer to One Voice Disability Forum Email

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DJ Barney


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PostSubject: Answer to One Voice Disability Forum Email   Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:46 am

Hello John !

Good to see you in town Razz

This forum section could be titled "Last forum meeting discussion", right ?

Here are the results of some research I did for this internet forum.

1. Why is the link to it buried in the links section ? This is not the usual place to find a forum, it should be linked on the front page as a primary menu item.

2. Personal Message (PM) high post count members on other competitor forums and ask them to contribute here to get things started.

3. The link highlighting is not set correct. For example the above text "on other competitor forums" is actually a link but is not highlighted so no one would ever see my useful link to a list of other forums unless they happen to drift their mouse pointer over it. See what I mean ?

4. "Failed forums I have seen tend to start with a dozen or so forum categories, that's too many for a new community." ... so this is something we're getting right ! cheers

5. A useful guide ... ... there must be many other guides and tips out there.

The Meeting

I enjoyed bringing up the money issues as I think they get overlooked, especially by people with emotional or trauma problems as they can believe that they don't deserve the same treatment and help as other people.

Graham (spelling?) offered to put me in contact with Lancashire Care Trust funding but unfortunately I would not be able to accept this as MindFreedom is based on being completely independent. Funding by Lancashire Care Trust (NHS) would lead to a conflict of interests, but I thank Graham for his interest.
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Answer to One Voice Disability Forum Email
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